Friday, March 22, 2013

New direction

I started this blog years ago with the thought that I would use it in order to point out the many positives about working with children as a career.  To say that there was no interest would be an overstatement.

I now intend to use this blog to give this teacher's perspective on education issues.  Neither Republican nor Democrat, Liberal or Conservative.  Just the facts as I percieve them (thus giving me an ample audience to irritate)

Today's issue: Chicago

Closing 61 buildings due to lower enrollment to balance their budget.  30,000 elementary kids to be crammed into distant, already full buildings.  Politicians say it's in the kid's best interest.

Both the Parents and the Unions are against this plan.

A couple of education facts: 

Students do best in schools with smaller enrollment where they aren't just little faces in the crowd.

Community based schools are more accessible to parents.  Parents who know what's going on are more likely to be involved.

Likely outcome:

The media will side with the politicians.  Parents will be poo-pood and the Union will be accused of only caring about the job cuts.

Politicians win, teachers and students lose.  More cops will be hired (I hope) to protect the little ones on their way through the worst neighborhoods on their way to school.  Taxpayers may pay less 5 years from now after they've paid for expanding the schools not on the list and increasing the security there.